Benefits of Humsafar

Save Fuel

No spillage - No wastage!

Save Manpower

Doorstep delivery means no extra effort & no manpower required!

Save Money

Eliminate overbilling , reduces diesel storage & inventory cost.


Tankers dispense fuel ONLY at the location you select.

Automated Billing

Digital printing leads to no human intervention! Get automated printed slips upon delivery.

Live Tracking

Know the exact location of your tanker while it travels to your destination!

Environment Friendly

Reduced traffic on the road leads to less dust & pollution.

Legalised Service

Authorised by govt Of india and petroleum and explosive safety organisatio.

Safe & Secure

Sealed delivery system enables diesel to not be exposed to atmosphere.

24/7 Service

Order anytime , anywhere and get fuel at desired time!

Assured Supplies

The diesel is sourced from our own retail outlets. Now say goodbye to shortage or delivery issues!

* Delivery will happen within 8 working hours and can only happen between sunrise and sunset according to MS HSD CONTROL ORDER.