5 Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs from Sanya Goel

Sanya Goel, co-founder and Director of Humsafar shares her top five tips for budding entrepreneurs on running a business and working on self-development.

1. Willingness to sweat it out:

Naturally, when you start your own business, your first few years are bound to be filled with sleepless nights and never-ending days. The amount of effort you put into the initial years are extremely crucial to the sustenance of the business. Choose something you are passionate about, it does sound rather cliched, but trust me, when you are working 20 days straight, it’s the only thing that’ll keep you going.

2. Courage to take risks:

Follow your gut instinct, take the risk, it’s worth it. If it proves to be wrong, you’ll learn. Either way, what you stand to gain is a lot more than what you might lose if you don’t seize the opportunity. When we started Humsafar, we were among the first few players in the industry. It didn’t scare us, we took it upon as a golden opportunity to make a positive impact, paving the way for others.

3. It’s all about the Team:

Your employees, your team, they are your biggest strength. There’s nothing a bunch of likeminded individuals can’t achieve when they work towards a common goal. Appreciate the team, treat them well, give them opportunities to grow, and DO NOT micromanage. Each person brings their unique skills and perspectives to the table, value it.

4. Innovate with Time:

We all love our ideas and will hold them close to our hearts forever. Cherish them, but do not be stubborn about them. Embrace change, encourage innovation and watch how a simple idea can transform into an incredible working model. Re-visit your plans from time to time to ensure you are offering value added services to your customers, this ensures brand loyalty.

5. The Devil lies in the Details:

Intimate knowledge of the industry helps you to avoid losses. No matter what it is that you’re doing, make sure you spend enough time learning and understanding it. Do not rush into anything. When you are armed with all the details, you can handle any curve ball thrown at you.

About Sanya Goel: After successfully completing her Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the University of Warwick, Sanya Goel, began her journey in the year 2016 as a Director and Co-founder of Humsafar. Currently, she is also leading Business Development, and HR & Innovation at Humsafar. Sanya is passionate about her role and is motivated to be innovative in her ideas while serving her consumers.