Appreciating the heroes at Humsafar and all Essential Workers

The coronavirus outbreak last year shook the world cruelly, but it also saw real superheroes coming out and serving endlessly to the general public. These heroes worked seamlessly and tirelessly to not only aid those struggling to cope with the pandemic, but to also deliver services to all essential bodies on time.

The year 2020 taught us that one can never be too ready, but one can always be prudent and follow safety protocols at all times. Courageous frontline workers have put themselves at risk, catering to the public's needs whenever required. They may not be what a regular definition of superheroes is: a cape-wearing human with superpowers, but they wear masks and a PPE kit.

We are tremendously grateful to our warriors at Humsafar who not only stepped up at the time of need but went all out to ensure all diesel requirements were met on priority and delivered to hospitals, agriculturists, housing societies, hotels, construction sites and other such industries. 

A world of difference was made through our territory managers who worked tirelessly during the COVID19 crisis, ensuring diesel was delivered round the clock to those who needed it the most.

Our frontline warriors – Humsafar drivers, made sure that sanitation and cleanliness were a priority. 

With all equipment’s sanitised, standard health and safety protocols being followed – wearing masks, regular washing of hands, social distancing and ensuring minimal physical contact, they managed it all.  We are thankful and will remember these efforts forever.

What can we do in return for all essential workers worldwide who have helped navigate us through the crucial months? Here’s how you step up and give back in the simplest way –

  1. Delivery attendants were our main source to the outside world during the nationwide lockdown. Ensuring contactless deliveries, they made sure they took the extra efforts to meet convenience and on-time deliveries. Give them a huge smile, tip them and leave a good rating/personal comments as a token of your appreciation.
  2. The house helps without whom chores would be left unattended, made us realise how tough it can be to manage both work and home at the same time. Without their extra help, we would have never made it. While we happened to survive the pandemic through regular jobs and continuous income, they didn’t have it that easy.  Applaud their efforts and ensure you pay them their salaries, irrespective of them not being able to come regularly. Check on them on how they are feeling or if they need anything. These small efforts can make a vast difference in their lives.
  3. While many had the luxury to stay in and work from their homes, many essential workers –  doctors, nurses, social workers, public service employees, delivery drivers, grocery store clerks, gas station attendants and others had no choice but to commute to work. One of the most courteous things you can do for them while they work is to wear a mask, keep a minimal distance while engaging with them, and try to reduce your visits unless it's absolutely necessary. Respect their resilience and patience through such actions. 
  4. Stay home and if possible, try arranging for home-cooked meals and snacks to be delivered to anyone you know working in hospitals, pharmacies, government offices, police stations, gas stations, clinics, fire stations etc. Contribute in donating extra supplies like masks, gloves, and water.
  5. Lastly, be kind and express your gratitude through a pleasant smile, offering to buy them food or medicines, making small conversations and asking them if they are in need of anything or how they are feeling during this time. These small acts of kindness can play an important role in boosting their motivation and mood.