Everything you need to know about mobile fuel dispensers

On-demand fuel delivery is on the rise in India. Understanding behind-the-scenes elements will help customers make better decisions with regards to fuel acquisition and consumption and help fuel providers adhere to the required legal standards to ensure a safe, cost-effective delivery environment.

Starting with the basics, a mobile dispenser or a bowser is an automatic fuel dispenser in a moving vehicle. This is used to serve fuel on-demand. The mobile bowser installed in a truck has vibration proof and double walled stainless-steel cabinet for added safety and protection. A well fabricated mobile bowsers ensures:

  • Maximum accuracy with minimum human intervention
  • Safe and secure environment for refuelling
  • Reduced fuel loss due to wastage and theft

Getting into the details, a mobile bowser must meet certain criteria to efficiently transport fuel.

1. PESO Compliance - A mobile dispenser in India should have PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization) approval to deliver fuel to its customers at their doorstep. PESO certification ensures that the fuel is delivered in the safest environment. Why is this important?

    • It assures the customer of the quality and safety of the fuel.
    • Trained crew are operating the vehicle.
    • All mobile vehicles are government approved and registered and can be used to track vehicles and the operator in case of a dispute.

2. Weights & Measure (W&M) – All bowsers must be verified by the W&M unit and get its seal of approval. A W&M approved bowser accurately dispenses fuel with all the required safety features. This is a tried and tested method used to transport and dispense fuel. Following the exact specification, bulk users are assured of the exact amount fuel is dispensed to their vehicle or depot.

3. Auto Shut off Nozzle – An automatic fuel pump nozzle shuts off when the vehicle being refuelled becomes full, preventing further fuel from being dispensed and an overfill from occurring.

4. Automatic Tank Gauging – This feature in a mobile dispenser allows in monitoring the fuel level in the tank over a period of time and helps check if the tank is leaking.

Other salient features include:

  • Geo-fencing Automated Dispensing Facility
  • Dispensing Unit power over P.T.O (Power Take off)
  • Internal Rotary Gear Pump for smooth and accurate flow of fuel at high pressure
  • Self-retracting hose pipe reel (10-meter-long) for smooth and safe PTO operations
  • Interlocking arrangements for safety measures
  • ATG (fuel) for remote monitoring of stock levels
  • Emergency Switch in the driver’s cabin
  • Mobile Tablet and Quality & Quantity Kit
  • D.C.P type Fire Cylinders

As customers, always ask for your fuel to be delivered in compliant bowsers only. They are legal and assure you the best quality and quantity. As Dealers, ensure you fabricate your bowsers as per the required standards from industry experts. This one-time investment will ensure you are geared for the increasingly popular ‘fuel on-demand’ industry.

Humsafar is among the few startups in the country that deal with PESO compliant bowsers and has developed know-how in fabricating automated Mobile Door Delivery Bowsers. With presence in seven states across the country, Humsafar delivers diesel to doorsteps and helps retail outlets and dealers fabricate their bowsers to ensure overall safety in the industry.