‘Innovate’ and Stay Ahead

What is Innovation?
It is nothing but a practical solution to prevalent problems that helps ease life and/or improves it. Ground breaking innovations impact our lives and the economy at large.

Why is Innovation Necessary?
Innovation is the cornerstone of Industrial growth - The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Industrial revolutions resulted in tectonic shifts in the way we work, live and travel. 

The success of any business lies in:
a) Being innovative
b) Being cognizant and adapting to innovations and changes in one’s respective industry.
If a business fails to accomplish either of these, they run the risk of getting left behind and becoming obsolete.

Let’s take the example of local grocers -
Local grocers have always functioned in the traditional manner we have grown accustomed to since time immemorial.  It worked well in India… until the entry of Amazon Fresh in 2019. Local grocers were suddenly forced to adapt and provide delivery service to their customers or run the risk of losing business to commercial giants who provided the ease of delivery via the simple click of a button. 

Survival apart, innovation is what sets aside your business from your competitors. It gives you that edge over the rest, that further accelerates your growth.

Innovation is essential, not just in a service or product that a business supplies its consumers with, but in the very operational apparatus of the business as well. It makes the working mechanism of organizations, swifter, smoother and more efficient, thereby increasing overall output and saving time and money.

How to Incorporate “Innovation” in Your Organization
Innovation needs to be intrinsically entwined within the core working mechanism of your organization. Though it’s high on time and monetary investment, it is exactly what saves a company from becoming redundant. Here are a few quick tips on how you can make innovation a core value of your organization:

  1. Employ people with different thought processes and empower them with the ability and tools to be creative. 
  2. Encourage employees to enhance their knowledge on the subject matter, by offering training and other learning opportunities (more importantly be open to learning yourself).
  3. Reward your team for showcasing creativity.
  4. Have a healthy feedback mechanism. Simply acknowledging feedback is not enough. Innovative ideas for improvement often come from consumers themselves! It is therefore, crucial to incorporate a method to learn and quickly adapt basis timely and insightful feedback. 


Innovation, The Humsafar Way
Innovation is woven into the very DNA of Humsafar. It is one of the five core values of our organization that propels our growth and gives us a distinctive advantage over our peers in the industry

At the beginning of our journey, we disrupted the market with our innovative “Unique Off-Line Loyalty Program”, that gave continuous benefits to our loyal consumer base and encouraged their further interaction with our brand.

Later, in 2001, as Delhi saw transformation in the form of the Delhi Metro Project, an opportunity for innovation paved its way into our industry. Diesel Delivery to metro construction sites became an imperative need that required to be safely and swiftly addressed. Responding to this market demand, we introduced the door step delivery of diesel service, in our organization. Our team worked relentlessly to learn the nuances of this new service, to ensure its flawless execution.

However, there soon arose a complication in this innovative business idea. The quantity of diesel being delivered nearly always mismatched the required quantity. For example, if a client wanted 700 liters of diesel, he had to order a bowser with a 1,000-liter capacity to ensure safe dispensing of the fuel. 

Hamsafar’s team took this issue into account and resolved the problem by installing flowmeters on every bowser, allowing accurate and safe dispensing of fuel. This meant that clients could order smaller quantities of diesel without having to worry about the tank size and its capacity.

We at Humsafar have been innovative in the way we interact with our customers as well. We aim to provide the highest standards of service to our clients. We have, therefore, deployed Territory Managers at various locations all over the country, to assimilate accurate feedback and act as the accountable (and human) point of contact for our clients. We are proud to report that our unique concept has received critical acclaim from our customers and even industry veterans, who now seek to incorporate similar customer service methods within their organization as well.

Coming to our latest innovation - Humsafar is proud introduce its “Jerry Can Service” that permits the door-step, safe delivery of even the smallest required quantities of diesel. Historically, owing to safety and contamination issues, the execution of this simple idea has been a serious challenge for the industry. We are pleased to announce that we have overcome those complications - our Jerry Can Service which comes with tamper-proof seals to ensure the delivery of high-quality and precise quantities of desired diesel.

We aim to continue introducing such and many more revolutionary solutions in our industry, further enhancing our customers’ experiences and satisfaction. 

Stay tuned!