Is Doorstep Diesel Delivery the first step to a greener and sustainable future?

Doorstep diesel delivery plays an important role in making the nation go greener- albeit as the first step in pursuit of a longer journey towards a sustainable future. How? Read on.

The nation is already suffering from the scourge of industrial pollution, smog, haze, and contamination. The government realizing the seriousness of the situation has urged many oil marketing PSUs to come up with solutions to a sustainable and safe environment.

Oil marketing companies have now begun the transformative process of reaching out to customers for smaller quantity requirements using the DDD process and have also  invited many other startups to join the diesel door delivery ecosystem. 

In other words, instead of the customers coming to them, they can now reach customers right at their doorstep. This collective change initiated by the oil marketing companies and various startups, will help in reducing carbon footprints, eliminate pilferage, zero wastage of fuel, no over-billing, quality and quantity assurance thanks to technology that only unlocks the mobile dispensers at the destination. 

This is the very first step towards a greener and sustainable future. Isn’t it?

It is obvious when a customer does not do a round trip rather does one-way trip, fuel like diesel cannot be pilfered or adulterated with no spillage and damage to the environment, is a contributing step albeit in a small way to a greener planet!

During the pandemic, startups like Humsafar utilised their automated mobile dispensing bowsers to supply diesel to farmers in far-flung areas for their harvesters and ambulances for all hospitals, ensuring less trips to the local fuel stations were avoided.

All diesel door delivery startups can significantly contribute by following strict PESO approved protocols and carrying fuel safely to the end consumer, thus, contributing in their own special way to a greener and sustainable future.

Doorstep diesel delivery will be the first step towards a brighter and greener environment. Let us all make the most of it.