Meet Vrinda Gupta

Vrinda Gupta has been a part of Humsafar for almost a year now. Currently, working as an Assistant Vice President - Franchise Business, Vrinda shares some motivational tips for her team, her learnings this past year and more. Read on.

Q1. Vrinda, please tell us something about yourself, where are you from and what is your current profession/role at Humsafar?

Ans) I am a resident of Delhi; I am currently working with Humsafar as a Sales Manager. I love the work I do with Humsafar as it gives me a great sense of participation in a community of professionals. 

Q2. How long have you been working at Humsafar?

Ans) It has been nearly a year since I started working with Humsafar. The job has its challenges, but I have a great team of my own and a wonderful management team whom I can lean on. 

Q3. What made you choose Humsafar?

Ans) What attracted me to Humsafar was that during the pandemic, I noticed the kind of work they were doing and their commitment to humanity in the form of distributing relief packages to the poor, their commitment and dedication to the customer by keeping them supplied with fuel throughout the year despite facing enough challenges.

So, I thought by joining the team, If I could make a difference and contribute my bit, that would be great.

Q4. What are your key learnings from the whole of last year?

Ans) One thing that I learned from Humsafar is that no problem is insurmountable. Though the challenges faced may be huge but with dedication and focus, every problem has a solution.

Q5. Who has been your great source of inspiration at Humsafar? Any mentor that has motivated and driven you to play your current role successfully? Please specify.

Ans) My greatest source of inspiration has been my team and senior managers assigned to us. Together we work as a team and ensure that the work assigned to us is completed by following all due processes.

Q6. What are your professional plans at Humsafar this year?

Ans) I would want to grow on a professional level and be able to expand my scope of work.