Post COVID Era – How Diesel Delivery will help revive the Economy

The world has rapidly changed post 2019. Never has the country seen such a massive demand in door delivery services since one can remember and Diesel Door Delivery is no exception.

Given the COVID pandemic, the entire country has been at a standstill due to the lockdown imposed by the Government. It was here that the shortcomings of the fuel stations became more evident. Fuel stations could only service a limited geographical area and moreover, customers had to reach the fuel station to be serviced.

This paved the way for the concept of Doorstep Delivery of Diesel. It has helped service a larger area through its mobile bowsers at a fraction of the cost of fuel pumps, making the economics of delivering fuel a viable option. Essential services like hospitals and police stations can function normally, due to adequate supply of fuels to run their equipment/machines.

Farmers who till large tracts of land with their harvesters need fuel on a regular basis. Addressing their needs swiftly, Mobile bowsers enable quick deliveries to ensure a steady supply of fuel for their requirement. Moreover, given the current situation, health and sanitisation are given utmost importance - social distance is maintained and e-bills are generated to reduce contact.

Construction businesses have also slowly been returning to normal, whether building factories or homes, they all need fuel delivered quickly to make up for the time lost during the lockdown. Doorstep delivery of fuel through mobile bowsers helps them keep the work on, without any interruptions or delays.

Among the many conveniences of a mobile bowsers, the highly trained crew members stand out for the value they add in terms of protocols followed and service delivered.

The Doorstep Diesel Delivery model has therefore proven to be far more advantageous than the current model. The current model of the supply chain has its flaws - spillage, pilferage, and wastage being the most well documented. This awareness will lead to greater penetration of the market and help new players, like Humsafar, to reach customers in far-flung areas to keep their production lines open throughout the day.

Humsafar’s solutions through its App ‘Fuel Humsafar’, ensures geo-fencing, geo-tagging, secure locking, and storage solutions have gone a long way to alleviate the above mentioned problems. The country and economy needs these solutions to restart its growth engine. By contributing our bit, the economy bounces back, efficiency seeps in and our country builds up momentum towards greater growth.