Frequently Asked Questions

What is Humsafar ?

Which are the servicible areas right now ?

We are currently fuelling Delhi(NCR). To know more visit our ‘Currently Fueling’ section.

What are the operational hours of Fuel Humsafar doorstep delivery?

Delivery will happen within 8 working hours of the order being placed and can only happen between sunrise and sunset according to MS HSD CONTROL ORDER.

Is doorstep delivery of diesel safe?

Absolutely safe! The system and equipments are approved by Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organisation (GOI), for maintaining safety measures.

Is there any extra charge for delivery?

We charge a delivery fee & if we are unable to deliver fuel within 8 working hours then it is waived off.

Is the diesel priced same as fuel stations?

Yes , fuel price remains same per litre as fuel stations.

Fuel Humsafar App will allow you to track your order with real time information.

What is the minimum quantity of ordering diesel?

You can place an order of minimum 100 litres of diesel.

How do I be rest assured of the quantity of diesel being delivered?

The delivery system is calibrated and certified by Weights and Measurement Departments. You can do basic ‘quantity and quality’ check using a kit which would be available with the bowser crew. Be rest assured, sit back & relax while we are here to fuel your needs!

Which all payment methods are accepted by Humsafar?

We accept payment through NEFT, cheque & cash on delivery.

Is there a receipt given post delivery?

Yes , you will get an automated printed copy from the machine in the bowser.

Where does Fuel Humsafar source their diesel from?

We get fuel from OMC’s retail outlets.