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No spillage = no wastage. Choose secure modes of transport to ensure delivery of exact quantities.

Save Money & Manpower

Save costs on large scale storage and handling of diesel

Save Time

Save time spent visiting petrol pumps every time you need to refuel


Bowsers dispense fuel ONLY at the location you select.

Automated Billing

Get automated printed slips and reduce manual error

Live Tracking

Know the exact location of your Bowser while it travels to your destination!

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Get Diesel Delivered To Your Doorstep

Avoid the hassle of having to physically visit petrol pumps for your fuel needs.

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    Diesel At Your Doorstep

    Humsafar provides doorstep diesel refuelling services for static or heavy equipment. Our convenient solution ensures timely diesel delivery with the assurance of safety, zero wastage and easy-to-use technology to place orders anytime, anywhere. We help you save costs on large scale storage and handling of diesel and help you shift to safer, environment friendly system.

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    HMPP Fabrication

    With 75 years of trade experience, belonging to a family of 4th generation retailers, we offer Bowser Fabrication services with the promise of Bowser+. With Bowser+ Humsafar helps dealers boost diesel sales, and gain new customers. Our PESO certified bowsers come with advanced features like geo-fencing, auto-shut off nozzle, approved dispensers, and more.

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    Leveraging our rich experience in the Oil industry, Humsafar offers special consultancy services to aspiring entrepreneurs to become ‘FuelEnts’ (Fuel Entrepreneurs). This unique opportunity paves the way for oil retailers to be a part of one of the biggest disruptions in the Oil industry - Diesel Door Delivery (DDD).

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    Humsafar has endeavored to revolutionize the  doorstep delivery of Diesel with our recently  launched initiative- ‘Safar20’.

    Safar 20 allows our customers to order diesel  in quantities as low as 20 litres through our  user-friendly app ‘Fuel Humsafar’.

    The diesel is  delivered in PESO-approved Jerry cans that  come with a seven-wire seal, with a unique  number lock on it- guaranteeing pure quality  and correct quantity. The app will also allow  full tracking of the order from confirmation to  its final delivery.

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  • Our Services

    Safar Smart Storage Tank

    The ‘SAFAR Smart Storage Tank’ a diesel delivery solution equipped with automation and remote connectivity has been developed for the benefit of:

    • Small housing societies,
    • Malls,
    • Hospitals,
    • Banks,
    • Construction sites,
    • Heavy stationary equipment,
    • Farmers,
    • Mobile towers,
    • Education institutes
    • And other small industries.

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FAQ & Information

We offer app-based doorstep diesel refuelling services for static and heavy earthmoving equipment. We also offer Bowser Fabrication Services and special consultancy services to Fuel retailers aspiring to become Fuel Entrepreneurs.

You can place an order on our app, Fuel Humsafar. Simply register, enter location, choose quantity and make your payment for swift delivery of diesel.

You may visit the ‘Currently Fuelling’ section, to check if doorstep diesel delivery services are available in your city.
Yes, we do. Our app is called, Fuel Humsafar. You can download it for free on both Google and Apple Store.
As per PESO guidelines, supply of Diesel Door Delivery can only be made between sunrise to sunset..
Yes, absolutely! You can track your order with real-time information.
We source our diesel directly from OMC’s petrol pumps and supply location.
We accept payment through NEFT, Cheque, UPI, Debit card, Credit card, PayTm & Cash on Delivery.
We handhold our customers right from setting up a company, fabricating bowsers, and setting up the tech platform to marketing the services in the industry, partnering with other dealers and Oil companies, and acquiring new customers.
To know more about our services, call us at 76450 76450 or write to us on

Humsafar ensure transfer of diesel with no spillage and pilferage and price is also same but we provide diesel at door step saving the cost of traveling to the RO

We have a 8 hour delivery policy with assured timely delivery

Humsafar Jerry Cans are made of MS and they are PESO Approved