Humsafar is a consumer brand of Samridhi Highway Solutions Pvt Ltd, an organisation incorporated on 11th November 2016. The Organisation envisions to be the Market leader in the “Last Mile Energy Delivery” sector, using Technology as a key driver. In the process, it connects Energy suppliers with consumers creating convenience, efficiency and value for all stakeholders.

The journey started In 2016, with the launch of Diesel Loyalty programme for customers and connecting them to the Humsafar family of retail outlets.

The revolutionary amendment to the petroleum regulations in 2019, opened up new opportunities for protocol driven, safe and legal mode of diesel door delivery. Technology enabled solutions with automated systems ensure real time information and tracking with significant savings to the extent of 10 to 20% to the consumer and accounting controls made simple & convenient and connecting Retailers with more and more customers. At a macro level, it has opened vistas for reducing carbon footprint and minimising the pollution and congestion on roads.

In the last couple of years it has made large strides integrating backward and penetrated deep for diverse market segments by creating unique innovative products for various market segments.Currently, it is among the market leaders in app-based doorstep diesel refuelling services Ecosystem.

Today, the organisation fabricates and markets PESO approved Humsafar brand of Mobile Petrol Pumps (HMPPs) of varying capacities as per customer requirements with a unique “Bowser+” promise of after sales services and sales aiding offerings and ‘Safarsmart’, portable smart ATG fitted storage tanks and unique” Safar Consultancy services”.

Besides, the Organsation has developed “Safar20” which are 20 litre PESO approved tamper proof jerry cans for servicing bottom of the pyramid consumer requirements.
Images of The Humsafar Mobile Petrol Pump [(Orange Strip), SAFAR Smart Storage Tank and HMPP+ Stamp will follow)

Fuel Humsafar App – Ready to serve you anywhere and everywhere!

Vision & Mission

  1. Become a major national player in doorstep delivery of fuel efficiently driven by technology along with strong environment sensitivity.
  2. Be the first choice for customers, given our priority for ethics, operational excellence and innovation.
  3. Collaborate with all stakeholders and promote win-win solutions for all stakeholders.
  4. Be able to curate path breaking yet cost effective solutions which help resolve the issue of wastage of diesel which happens due to spillage during transportation and incorrect operations.

Core Values

  1. We reimagine the future to drive change and convenience
  2. Our solutions are built around customers at the centre of it all
  3. We help build the ecosystem and help our stakeholders grow
  4. Our 75-years of experience comes with trust and ethics that seeps down to all aspects of our business
  5. Innovation is at the core of all our solutions

Why Humsafar?


1. Experience

We pioneered the professional Diesel Door Delivery space


2. Technology

Our simple yet powerful technology drives efficiency and convenience


3. Ecosystem

We provide end-to-end solutions for both, consumption as well as supply, in the Diesel Door Delivery ecosystem


4. Sustainable

Our solution is sustainable on all fronts - It is legal, cost-effective, and safe


5. Presence

Our pan India presence makes us available 24x7, living up to the anytime, anywhere tag

Our Team