Humsafar is a consumer brand of Samridhi Highway Solutions Pvt Ltd, incorporated on 11th November 2016. Our journey began with Diesel Loyalty programmes for customers connecting to the Humsafar family of retail outlets for fuel. We offer app-based doorstep diesel refuelling services for static/heavy machinery. We also fabricate Humsafar Brand of Diesel Bowsers, powered by the promise of Bowser+.

We desire to be the leading Diesel Aggregators in the country, create value for customers, fuel retailers and Startups associated with us.

The revolutionary amendment to the petroleum regulations in 2019, permitting Door Delivery of Diesel, opened up new opportunities. The successful implementation of doorstep diesel delivery has led to protocol driven safe and legal modes of diesel door delivery. Replacing human interventions made by customers as well as retailers over the years, with automated solutions, reduces the chances of making mistakes done through manual work. Humsafars option of diesel door delivery helps reduce congestion on the road and it helps keep all stakeholders happy by saving them money and time.

Presently, we are active in 24 states across India, servicing over 6200 customers with a total volume of 68,00,00 litres of diesel delivered successfully. We are privileged and humbled to deliver our services to Agriculturists, Hospitals, Construction sites, Hotels, Manufacturing & Mining companies, and Schools who work heroically for our society. We have fabricated and supplied over 107 bowsers and counting.

Fuel Humsafar App – Ready to serve you anywhere and everywhere!

Vision & Mission

  1. Become a major national player in doorstep delivery of fuel efficiently driven by technology along with strong environment sensitivity.
  2. Be the first choice for customers, given our priority for ethics, operational excellence and innovation.
  3. Collaborate with all stakeholders and promote win-win solutions for all stakeholders.
  4. Be able to curate path breaking yet cost effective solutions which help resolve the issue of wastage of diesel which happens due to spillage during transportation and incorrect operations.

Core Values

  1. We reimagine the future to drive change and convenience
  2. Our solutions are built around customers at the centre of it all
  3. We help build the ecosystem and help our stakeholders grow
  4. Our 75-years of experience comes with trust and ethics that seeps down to all aspects of our business
  5. Innovation is at the core of all our solutions

Why Humsafar?


1. Experience

We pioneered the professional Diesel Door Delivery space


2. Technology

Our simple yet powerful technology drives efficiency and convenience


3. Ecosystem

We provide end-to-end solutions for both, consumption as well as supply, in the Diesel Door Delivery ecosystem


4. Sustainable

Our solution is sustainable on all fronts - It is legal, cost-effective, and safe


5. Presence

Our pan India presence makes us available 24x7, living up to the anytime, anywhere tag

Our Team