About Us

Humsafar is a consumer brand of “Samridhi Highway Solutions Pvt Ltd” which was incorporated on 11th November 2016. It was ideated and formed looking at the huge road congestions, rising dust levels and because of customers facing problems in getting bulk quantities of fuel for fixed tanks in their premises. It got boost with government backing the efforts.

Global warming and pollution became most discussed issues in the National Capital Region(NCR). These impacted everyone at a larger scale with dust reaching alarming levels repeatedly started becoming front page news.

The founders of Humsafar came from a family dealing with petroleum retailing and the delivery structure of fuel in barrels and consequent losses, spillage, unsafe operations always struck them. There was a strong urge to revamp this for a safer environment. The founder’s family also strongly felt about the well-being of society, people, the young children!

With the rapid evolution of Internet Technology the Government of India also started new generation ideas. Therefore, the idea of ‘Door Delivery of Diesel’ started doing rounds. At Samridhi Highway Solutions too, technology got seeped in with automation, geo-fencing, digital billing, vehicle tracking became the buzz words. And, yet another transformation took roots in Samridhi works; “HUMSAFAR” became digital. Samridhi solutions is driven by technology & is blessed with rock solid 75 years of experience.

Fuel Humsafar App – Ready to serve you anywhere and everywhere!

Our Team

Sanya Goel

Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from University of Warwick, is one of the Directors and leads Business Development, HR and Innovation. She is passion and perfection personified always ready to innovate and ideate better ways to serve our consumers.

Mayank Agarwal

Master in Finance and Business Administration from ICFAI, leads Finance and Marketing. He has solid grounding in Petroleum Operations which helps Humsafar to operate at ease and spread its nozzles across India.

Our team is backed up by seasoned petroleum retailers with more than 75 years of experience in the industry. We believe in doing our bit for the new generation & the society. Let’s handover a better & safer environment to the future!

Nishit Goel

Nishit Goel is a 3rd generation petroleum retailer. He has been already providing door delivery service by uncoventional methods to his customers since the last 15 years. He has excellent entrepreneurial skills along with being a risk taker. He has expertise in the field of marketing , public relations , customer acquisition & sustainability. The young managing partners of Humsafar are being guided by him on this new journey.

Dilpreet Sadana

Bobby as he is fondly called by our team , he belongs to a family of transporters and is a first generation petroleum retailer. He is credited with a technology platform called ‘Truckkhoj’ , which came much before vehicle tracking system become the norm. He is an expert in tanker fabrication including requisite technology provisions and bowser operations. He guides the organisation with technologically support. Along with Nishit , he is the ‘go to’ man for the young team.

Ravi Agarwal

He is a commerce graduate from Sri Ram College of Commerce , Delhi University. He is our finance wizard & has an excellent grasp over financial numbers. His expertise includes logistics management , operations & economics. He is the financial advisor to our young team.

DK Sharma

Mr.DK Sharma is our petroleum marketing veteran with over 38 years of experience in the industry. He is a former Executive Director Retail Sales of an oil major in India , besides other leadership positions. He has been accoladed with a ‘Leadership Award’ in 2017 by Rural Marketing Association Of India. He guides and advices brand strategy to the organisation.

Vision & Mission

Become a major national player in doorstep delivery of fuel efficiently driven by technology along with strong environment sensitivity.

Be the first choice for customers , given our priority for ethics , operational excellence and innovation.

Collaborate with all stakeholders and promote win-win solutions for all stakeholders.

Be able to curate path breaking yet cost effective solutions which help resolve the issue of wastage of diesel which happens due to spillage during transportation and incorrect operations.

We Serve

Humsafar is for everyone!

We serve various industries which require bulk diesel quantities.

 Construction Sites

 Manufacturing & Mining Industries




 Automobile Industry

 Earth Moving Equipments & Gensets