13 Jul,21


The customer truly is King, whose feedback is of utmost importance for the sustained growth of every business....

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31 May,21

Future of Fuel Industry : Doorstep Diesel Delivery

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30 May,21

Guide to start your own Doorstep Delivery Business

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29 Apr,21

How DDD is changing farmer lives in Harvesting Season

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20 Apr,21

Why Diesel Delivery is being more prominent in Tier2 and Tier3 Cities

The potential expansion is huge in Tier2 & Tier3 cities, especially in areas like real estate, corporate parks, schools, institutions, banks, warehouses, shopping malls, hospitals, etc with the possibilities being...

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31 Mar,21

Online Diesel Delivery with Humsafar - Areas we are serving

Expanding our footprint, our doorstep diesel delivery services are available in Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, MP, UP, Goa to name a few. Take a look at these cities, and have diesel delivered in your city, right to your...

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27 Mar,21

Meet Vrinda Gupta

Vrinda Gupta has been a part of Humsafar for almost a year now. Currently, working as an Assistant Vice President - Franchise Business, Vrinda shares some motivational tips for her team, her learnings this past year and...

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28 Feb,21

Why Diesel? How to use it wisely?

Diesel is a scarce natural resource and must be used judiciously. It is not unlimited and whether we like it or not one day it will be over. This is true for all fossil fuels. Fossil fuel like diesel takes thousands of years to build up, this is why fuel has to be used...

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26 Feb,21

Appreciating the heroes at Humsafar and all Essential Workers

The coronavirus outbreak last year shook the world cruelly, but it also saw real superheroes coming out and serving endlessly to the general...

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20 Feb,21

Meet Sanjit Kumar Singh

Sanjit Kumar Singh, of the Humsafar family, joined the fabrication team few months ago. In this piece, Sanjit shares some valuable advice for his colleagues and team members, his professional plans at Humsafar and more. Read...

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31 Jan,21

Is Doorstep Diesel Delivery the first step to a greener and sustainable future?

Doorstep diesel delivery plays an important role in making the nation go greener- albeit as the first step in pursuit of a longer journey towards a sustainable future. How? Read...

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25 Jan,21

How 2021 looks for the DDD market?

The year 2021 looks promising for all diesel door delivery startups as various industries look to these startups as a viable option to run their businesses. With the fuel delivery service looking more likely to be mainstream and official regulations easing, the DDD industry expects around 9000 crores in investments. (Source - Business Standard,...

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30 Dec,20

How the year 2020 looked for Humsafar

The year 2020 was an unpredictable and challenging year with the global pandemic bringing everything to a standstill....

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30 Nov,20

A-day-in-the-life of a Humsafar driver

Meet Mr Suraj Yadav, our loyal and faithful operator. A true frontline hero, Suraj has ensured that he has lived up to our commitment to deliver diesel within 8 working...

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28 Nov,20

How did Humsafar circumvent the restrictions of the pandemic?

There is no doubt that small business units were hit the hardest during the last 10 months of the pandemic. Larger companies were in a better position to survive because of their huge cash reserves and their better access to...

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26 Oct,20

How Humsafar went from a Tech startup to India’s first Fuel startup

Humsafar’s humble journey started in the year 2016, with loyalty programmes...

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19 Oct,20

Fuel + Entrepreneurs - Become a FuelEnt with Humsafar

The revolutionary amendment to the petroleum regulations in 2019,...

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10 Oct,20

Using downtime to move your team towards a great future

The COVID-19 situation unexpectedly brought the entire globe to a...

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20 Sep,20

How to be Future ready

Organisations need to change, and rapidly at that, if they wish to remain relevant...

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29 Aug,20

Will electric vehicles pose a threat to the diesel industry

Electric vehicles will pose some challenge to the diesel industry in the...

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31 Jul,20

How the Fuel Industry is evolving now - Viewpoint by Veteran DK Sharma

DK Sharma, mentor and advisor at Humsafar tells us how the fuel industry has been evolving and what the future is going to be like...

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27 Jul,20

How Diesel has upgraded during/after the Lockdown?

In the past, people had to come to the nearest fuel station to refuel, irrespective of the situation. However, with the onset of 2020, came a pandemic resulting in lockdown of nations and in bringing the economy to a...

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30 Jun,20

5 Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs from Sanya Goel

Sanya Goel, co-founder and Director of Humsafar shares her top five tips...

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22 Jun,20

Post COVID Era – How Diesel Delivery will help revive the Economy

The world has rapidly changed post 2019. Never has the country seen such...

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30 May,20

Disruption in Diesel Retailing – Doorstep Delivery of Diesel is here!

With the Government clearing the decks for doorstep delivery of fuel in April...

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19 May,20

The Impact of Corona on the Fuel Industry

Since March 2020, the spread of coronavirus, followed by nationwide lockdown has had a massive impact on our country’s economy. It not only led to a reduction in industrial activities but also witnessed a slowdown in the oil and gas...

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24 Apr,20

Everything you need to know about mobile fuel dispensers

On-demand fuel delivery is on the rise in India. Understanding behind-the-scenes elements will help customers make better decisions with regards to fuel acquisition and consumption and help fuel providers adhere to the required legal standards to ensure a safe, cost-effective delivery...

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16 Apr,20

The Rise Of Convenience: On-Demand Fuel Delivery In India

With the service industry growing by leaps and bounds because of its ease of use and convenience, this industry has become an inseparable part of the common man’s...

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