A-day-in-the-life of a Humsafar driver

Suraj Yadav– Our reliable partner in Diesel Delivery

Meet Mr Suraj Yadav, our loyal and faithful operator. A true frontline hero, Suraj has ensured that he has lived up to our commitment to deliver diesel within 8 working hours. While delivering safely to the customers doorstep, he has skilfully executed all technical aspects of the job as well. His growing knowledge of the delivery app (FUEL HUMSAFAR) and his aptitude to be technologically savvy has endeared him to the customers.

Suraj’s day starts doing the requisite pre-checks for vehicle maintenance and bowser functionality. Though some of his days are hard with multiple stops and delivery to remote locations, he has endured it all. He has had to sometimes forego his meals, so that timely deliveries are made to the customers.

Without people like him, Humsafar would not be able to live up to its reputation of timely and safe delivery of diesel. All in all, Suraj has gone the extra mile to service his customers consistently.

During the pandemic, Suraj went beyond his call of duty and made it his life’s mission of feeding 500 needy people. He made us immensely proud, and it was from here that we learnt Suraj's passion for helping people and doing what is necessary for society.

With drivers like him, doorstep diesel delivery has proven to be a success and gives us confidence to face the future. Suraj, you are a true lifeline at Humsafar!