DDD in dramatic weather conditions

Your city's weather conditions impact every aspect of your life! Even your diesel requirements. Don’t believe it? Let us paint a picture for you…

It is the middle of monsoon season, and your electricity keeps getting cut off. To keep your generator sets alive, you run to buy fuel from the nearest petrol pump.

So you've taken your can and are ready to leave. But you can’t get your car out because your neighbour has double-parked behind you and you must call him to remove his car first.

Now that your car is finally out, you go to the petrol pump, only to realize that you are 17th in line and have to wait in the rain to get your fuel filled.

Finally, your turn comes, and you fill in your can and screw on its lid tightly to avoid hazards. You are in a hurry to get back because everyone at home is sitting without any electricity! But the rainwater clogging coupled with heavy traffic won't let you get back early.

Now it's been a few hours, but you're finally back home. And so is the electricity.

But that's not what frustrates you.Despite how tightly you screwed on the lid, there's been a slight spill of the fuel on your car seat, and now you have to go about cleaning it—and making sure that you safely store the bought fuel to avoid any other terrifying hazards like fires!

You end your night exhausted and annoyed.

Now imagine if your business needed the fuel and the delay in its arrangement caused a loss in profits?

Don't worry; with us around, neither of the two situations can arise! Welcome to Humsafar.

The Problems
Frequent power cuts result in a hike in diesel requirements. Buying fuel directly from the petrol pumps is costly and cumbersome.

Apart from that, if everyone went to buy their diesel, it would result in massive traffic jams and delays in routine schedules.

If people choose to make these direct purchases, they must also take into consideration safe transportation and storage methods.

The Solution
Our Services
An amendment passed by the Government of India to the Petroleum Regulations in 2018 changed the future of purchasing diesel in the country by allowing doorstep delivery of diesel.

Humsafar supplies diesel for heavy earth moving equipment via our state of the art browsers. Apart from being PESO approved, these vehicles are also optimized using innovative technologies like geofencing that does not permit the dispensing of fuel in any other location apart from the one that has been pre-set.

But given the infeasibility of catering to compact diesel requirements via bowsers, due to its high operational costs, we introduced our newest service, Safar20, in 2021.

Safar20 caters to all small diesel quantity requirements, starting from 20lts onwards. It addresses the diesel needs arising from Residential societies, Agricultural lands, small businesses and industries, schools and hospitals.

Through this program, we deliver diesel in spillage free - PESO approved Jerry Cans that a seven-wire seal seals with a unique number lock on it to ensure that your diesel reaches you contamination and pilferage free.

You can order diesel via our convenient, user-friendly app- 'Fuel Humsafar’ and get diesel delivered to your doorstep on time! Via the app, you can even track your order and schedule a future delivery.

This value-added service adds convenience, efficiency and safety to our lives.

Order your diesel today!