Diesel and the Economy

In 2019 an amendment to the petroleum regulations made it legal to deliver Diesel to doorsteps in India. It opened up a gamut of opportunities within the dynamic Energy Sector of India for enterprising entrepreneurs. 

What is Diesel Door Delivery (DDD)?

It is the delivery of HSD (High-Speed Diesel) to the customers' doorstep. 

Construction sites and large scale industries require a steady supply of Diesel to keep their machinery operational. Since these machines are generally speaking, extremely heavy and immovable for refuelling services (so to speak), the DDD service becomes indispensable. Through the service, the fuel is delivered safely and efficiently to where the machine is. The quantity of Diesel required by these machines is large; therefore, Diesel is delivered in bowsers.

For residential societies, small industries, schools etc., where the diesel requirements generally arise from the generator sets, the demand is considerably smaller in terms of the quantity of Diesel. Since it works out highly infeasible to deliver small quantities (like 20litres) in large bowsers, the smaller quantities are delivered in Jerry cans.

The entire process of delivery, including the regular quality checks on the equipment, are regulated by the guidelines set forth by PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization). 

Diesel and the Indian Economy

Diesel fuels the economy; its higher density leads to lower vehicle and machinery operating costs. Ergo, large industries like agriculture and export work primarily on diesel-run machines. 

With the advent of the DDD service, they can now get Diesel delivered safely to their location and keep the machinery running. This service allows them to schedule their deliveries and manage their financial planning well in advance. 

Another boost to the economy of the country comes from the developing energy sector. India is amongst the largest consumers of fuel globally; with the growing demand, opportunities in this industry are increasing, as is the number of individuals employed within the sector.

The various avenues where now individuals can excel in the energy sector include becoming a FuelEnt and catering to the growing demand for Diesel by providing the DDD service.

Say Hello to Humsafar

Humsafar comes backed with 75 years of industry experience and offers an array of services to Diesel requiring customers and aspiring FuelEnts as well. 

Humsafar fabricates ultra-modern PESO approved browsers that are used to deliver large quantities of Diesel to preset locations—enabled with geofencing technologies and safe dispensing technologies, the Humsafar bowsers' guarantee zero pilferage and contamination. Dedicated to providing quality service to all their clientele, the Humsafar bowser fabrication service comes with the promise of bowser+, which helps fellow FuelEnts set up their budding businesses and drive sales.  

Through Safar20, Humsafar caters to the compact quantity requirements of clients and supplies 20litres, 40litres and 60litres of Diesel in PESO approved Jerry Cans that come with a seven-wire seal that assures the purity of the fuel and no spillage.

Humsafar’s tank fabrication services now enables clients to safely store their excess fuel without having to worry about the metal corroding and contaminating the fuel.

Through their "Partnership services" Humsafar, helps FuelEnts establish themselves in the market. Humsafar leverages its industry experience and even gives the budding entrepreneurs access to its app platform "Fuel Humsafar", which allows them to acquire customers and provide better services. 

For more details on Humsafar’s value-added services, kindly contact us on +9176450 76450