Festivities & The Fuel Industry

Come October and India welcomes its season of celebration and festivities. Diwali, the festival of lights, brings with it happiness, luck and plentiful opportunities. Especially for the fuel industry of India. 

The Opportunity

Large scale consumption of electricity during celebrations require large amounts of generator sets. These gen-sets need a constant and proper source of fuel to work.

This period falls right after the monsoons. The debilitating rains cut or heavily restrict the movement of goods. Therefore, post the rains, we often see a rise in transportation of goods due to increased ease in mobility. For seamless transportation as well, high quantities of diesel are required.

All these factors generate a higher demand for diesel in the country. However, another rise that is bought on by the festivities is the road traffic in cities! The cities get clogged with cars on the road, trying to get to their destination. 

So is there a solution that caters to the higher demand for fuel and somehow combats the traffic situation in the city as well? Why yes, there is!

Thanks to the amendment to the petroleum regulations passed in 2018-2019 by the Government of India, the doorstep delivery of diesel service was made legal. Multiple other regulations made it easier for eager entrepreneurs to enter India's fuel industry and cater to the growing demand for diesel by providing its delivery service to customers. 

The Problems, Solved

Doorstep diesel delivery is a convenience adding service that allows our machinery (and gen-sets) to keep running smoothly! The service's multiple benefits include keeping the traffic off the roads as well. 

Let us explain this: Before 2019, when the service was not legalized, customers had to go to the petrol pumps and get their tanks/cans filled with the required diesel quantities. This naturally meant that there were more people on the road and, therefore, more traffic. 

With the service coming into play- multiple customers could get diesel delivered to their doorstep conveniently without stepping out of their homes. 

The advent of the service also ensured that the festivities were celebrated full throttle without any power cuts!

Given the explosive nature of the fuel, the doorstep delivery of diesel service also ensures that safety is maintained for everyone involved, as transportation of the diesel can only take place with strict adherence to the guidelines set forth by PESO. 

The FuelEnt with all the Answers

Humsafar, a Delhi based startup, comes with more than 75years  worth of knowledge of the Indian Fuel industry. It brings with it futuristic solutions to problems the customers have faced for decades. For one, its user-friendly app, Fuel Humsafar, allows you to order diesel through your mobile handset anytime, anywhere. The app further allows you to automate billing, schedule deliveries and even track your orders completely. 

Humsafar also fabricates the PESO approved bowsers through which it delivers large quantities of diesel. And also caters to the customer with a smaller quantity of diesel requirement through its Safar20 program, whereby diesel is delivered in PESO approved Jerry Cans. Whose seven-wire seal ensures zero contamination and zero pilferage.

Humsafar offers partnership services, wherein it helps fellow FuelEnts, establish themselves in the novel market by leveraging their experience and know-how of the industry!.

For more information about Humsafar’s dynamic services, contact +91 76450 76450