Fuel + Entrepreneurs - Become a FuelEnt with Humsafar

The revolutionary amendment to the petroleum regulations in 2019, permitting Door Delivery of Diesel, has widely opened new opportunities for many today; becoming a FuelEnt is one of the many chances that is allowing entrepreneurs to be part of the oil industry.

So, let us cut to the chase and give you a small overview of how aspiring FuelEnts can enter the diesel door delivery ecosystem.

The Big Question – What is a FuelEnt a.k.a. Fuel Entrepreneur?

Start-ups registered and recognized by DPIIT, MoC&I. Start-ups will be required to register themselves as “DDD Resellers” of Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) and will also be required to sign an Agreement with the concerned OMC. Such start-ups will be called FuelEnts (Fuel + Entrepreneurs). Source - IOCL

This unique opportunity paves the way for oil retailers to be a part of one of the biggest disruptions in the Oil industry - Diesel Door Delivery (DDD). Mobile bowsers are expected to supplement petrol pumps, changing the landscape of fuel procurement.

Prerequisites for becoming a FuelEnt –

FuelEnts are Pvt Limited/LLPs start-ups that need to be registered with one or more Oil Marketing PSUs, have supply arrangements made with Oil marketing Companies and/or Petrol pump dealers, and have specially fabricated geo-fenced diesel door delivery bowsers.

Visit our Partnerships page, for in detail services we give to aspiring FuelEnts.

Who can be a FuelEnt after all?

If you are a petrol pump dealer, petroleum transporter, petroleum trader or just an entrepreneur looking for an opportunity to be part of a dynamic industry, then there is nothing to stop you from grasping this opportunity.

Our Consultancy services will help entrepreneurs successfully set up and run Diesel Door Delivery services. This will involve :

  • Holistic project support from scratch to complete fruition
  • Handhold our customers right from setting up a company, fabricating bowsers, and setting up the tech platform to marketing the services in the industry
  • Partnering with other dealers and Oil companies and acquiring new customers.

How to sign up with Humsafar?

Simply give us a call on 76460 76460 or write to us on info@humsafarindia.com

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