The government of India has initiated a flagship endeavour for aspiring "Fuel-Ents" or Fuel Entrepreneurs to encourage young business-oriented people to get a foot in the door into the diesel industry that is experiencing a steep rise in demand for diesel at the moment. This sector is poised to yield growth for the individuals involved and the economy. While Fuel-Ents have the government's support, the process to enter this industry is not always as smooth as one can hope for. There are, however, pitfalls or stumbling blocks these "fuel-ents" have to deal with, so here's a comprehensive guide on what to look out for and avoid certain problems when getting started. 


Finding OMC's to tie up with: The first and most important step to becoming a fuel ent is registering with an OMC (Oil Marketing Company) and signing an agreement with them, usually for 10 years. This is sometimes easier said than done, as there can be many issues regarding the finer details, such as the monetary deposits and paperwork. While many fuel-ents might think this is a major stumbling block, with Humsafar consultancy services, budding entrepreneurs are handheld through this major process and get through to the other side safely and securely. 


Understanding PESO Compliance: Everyone and anyone involved in the fuel, oil, coal or mining industry needs a stamp of approval from PESO (Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organisation) and has to follow all the rules and guidelines set by them to become a part of the fuel sector. However, the key is again in the details, and it is hard at times to follow strict PESO compliance when it comes to the equipment and facilities needed to set up a start-up. However, Humsafar has over 75+ years of experience in the industry, is well aware of all PESO requirements, and can ably assist and provide all the support fuel-ents need as they begin this exciting journey. 


Reaching out to Customers: Once the initial steps are taken care of, fuel-ents can face issues regarding finding and reaching out to their customer base. While most fuel-ents are restricted by location, there are definitely ways to get around this problem. When fuel-ents tie-up with Humsafar, they also gain access to the "Fuel Humsafar" App, which acts as the meeting point for fuel supply and demand. Fuel Humsafar also helps aspiring fuel-ents find customers to provide doorstep diesel delivery services. 


While fuel-ents face more than a few issues and stumbling blocks when they enter the industry, it's vitally important to have someone experienced guiding you every step of the way. That's why Humsafar consultancy services are the ideal partners for individuals who aspire to join the fuel industry. With over 75 years of experience and complete knowledge of PESO compliance, OMC's and the ins and outs of doorstep diesel delivery, and India's fuel and energy sector, Humsafar can make sure you escape all those nasty pitfalls and find success in your endeavours!