Guide to start your own Doorstep Delivery Business

A few decades ago, it was unimaginable to even think of just stepping out and reaching anywhere you want within a matter of hours. One had to plan for weeks ahead to go to someplace and get their work done. Technological advances truly helped the world become more mobile, and become such a huge part of our civilization more than anyone could have ever thought. Similarly, doorstep fuel delivery, an idea completely alien 10 years ago is taking the center stage in the oil industry. 

Doorstep diesel delivery (DDD) is progressive in aspects the traditional brick and mortar have never been able to hit the bull's eye on. From using on-demand apps to get all the things done, to reducing greenhouse gases, DDD resonates with the current age of high-ranking efficiency. 

Now, if you're looking to catch hold of the growing opportunity DDD offers, you simply need to follow the guide below and become a FuelEnt. There are certain things you should know a about before we start :

Expression of Interest (EOI) : Oil marketing companies first have to apply for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to register startups as FuelEnts to provide DDD services. The startups eventually sign an agreement with Oil companies for 10 years, renewable thereafter. To be able to file an EOI, you must own a company (PVT LTD or LLP). In case you don't own a company, Humsafar India provides end-to-end support with company formation.
The Startups eventually sign an agreement with Oil companies for 10 years, renewable thereafter.

Investment :

Generally, there are two different types of investments where you need to put your money. One is the in-house operations that include website building, maintenance, manpower, office expenses, etc. And another is the delivery-related expenses. It includes the purchasing of the bowser, procuring fuels, manpower, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Like stated earlier, Humsafar provides end-to-end solutions for becoming a FuelEnts, i.e, we not only help you with proper documentation but also help you with PESO-approved bowser fabrication for diesel delivery, and take care of all in-house cost through the on-demand Fuel Humsafar app. The Fuel Humsafar app helps you accept new diesel orders, manage operations by tracking bowser movement, billing, payments, etc. 

Resources : To be able to supply the fuel at doorsteps, you have to partner up with an existing fuel dealer for getting the fuel consistently at a reasonable price. Humsafar's advisory solutions also include setting up partnerships with petrol pumps and/or Oil Marketing companies for product supply.

Marketing & Expansion : Online marketing is the most crucial part of this business. The people who use the internet daily purchase requirements are the target audience of your business. Therefore, you have to emphasize reaching the people who have already a car and are convenient for online shopping.

Ensure the availability in the GoogleMyBusiness. Additionally, you can use Adwords to get users to your site. Also, promote the business on social media pages. Facebook ads are effective for this type of business. You can check using Facebook advertisements. Humsafar also assists in Digital Marketing activities to actively promote Diesel Door Delivery services.

Required Documents to avail your own Mobile Petrol Pump :

1) Pan Card of Company
2) Company Incorporation Certificate
3) GST Certificate
4) Website
5) Digital Signature - Only CLASS 3B will work
6) Email IDS , Name and Phone number of all directors (all directors should have separate
email ids)
7) Start-u p Certificate
8) Will need the Date of Birth, Name , Number and EmaillD of the main Director who
will do the process
9) Tender fees of 11,800 paid screenshot with UTR Number.

Note : If you don't own a private limited, LLP company or a start-up, Humsafar India helps you with end-to-end support while filing for your EOI.

So, what's stopping you to be a part of this industry full of growth which runs the nation. Reach out to Humsafar today and take the first step to become a FuelEnt!

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