How 2021 looks for the DDD market?

Changing the landscape of India with DDD –

The year 2021 looks promising for all diesel door delivery startups as various industries look to these startups as a viable option to run their businesses. With the fuel delivery service looking more likely to be mainstream and official regulations easing, the DDD industry expects around 9000 crores in investments. (Source - Business Standard, 2020)

According to statistics from the Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell (PPAC), the demand for high-speed diesel is predicted to increase from 27 crore litres in 2019 to 43 crore litres in the next decade. But the amount of proposed retail outlets will not be able to cater to this. 

But with the revolutionary amendment to the petroleum regulations in 2019, the DDD landscape has begun to evolve, permitting door delivery of diesel to large industries not having the facility or resources to store diesel.

In fact, all the PSU’s have called for Expressions of Interests (EOI) for startups to register as Fuel Entrepreneurs (FuelEnts). Startups registered for this program can expect to grab the business of nearly two thousand crores.

Mobile bowsers are expected to supplement petrol pumps, changing the landscape of fuel procurement. Businesses no longer need to have a department catering to fuel services nor have a fleet of fuel tankers to bring in fuel at regular intervals to keep their industry running.

Diesel door delivery will be available to industries such as telecom, construction, mining, and other essential industries such as hospitals and other industries located at remote locations. This is suitable for industries that cannot come to fuel pump outlets or for industries located at remote locations.

Benefits from direct Delivery to Doorstep –

The main benefit of diesel door delivery is to help industries, hospitals, farmers, and housing societies with a regular supply of diesel during any crisis, to sustain themselves. This will help save them the hassle of transporting large amounts of diesel from the petrol stations to their desired location.

Farmers can now utilize doorstep delivery apps to refuel their heavy machinery and harvesters, thus allowing him to plan his day more appropriately.

Areas where services of many items are in doubt (remote locations), diesel delivery will not be one of them. This has given an assurance to local industries that their production will not be hampered.

One of the primary reasons DDD is becoming increasingly popular among customers is that it ensures transparency during transactions due to inbuilt security checks when fuel is dispensed at the customer end. 

Opportunities in 2021 –

Employment opportunities will substantially increase as the DDD market requires skilled crew who also double up as drivers and customer service attendants. 

Growth is assured due to the increased penetration of diesel vehicles throughout the country. With the FuelEnt program set to garner the interest of many individuals, the Government hopes and expects many startups to enter the Diesel Door delivery ecosystem, initiating a culture of entrepreneurship, generating employment, and using technology to innovate in the fuel industry.

The year 2021 looks promising with the DDD market set to open up vast opportunities for many aspiring entrepreneurs and ensuring its door delivery services reach all over the country.