How DDD is changing farmer lives in Harvesting Season

Diesel fuel delivery service is crucial for many industries and services, especially for farmers.

Today, diesel is the life support for many farmers, as many farmers use machinery like large, gigantic harvesters, machine tillers to plough their field. Most farmers have their fields deep inside the country and driving a harvester to the nearest fuel pump is not practical or feasible.

So, what’s the solution to this problem? This is where a diesel door delivery service comes in handy.

Companies like Humsafar were the first to realize huge opportunities for diesel door delivery to farmers allowing farmers to concentrate on their competencies, namely, farming.

Humsafar has ensured timely and safe deliveries to farmers through the ‘Fuel Humsafar’ app, which has a pleasant interface and easy to use features. It has also ensured quality fuel to farmers with geo-fenced tankers ensuring that their bowsers can only be opened at the customer's location. Thanks to the app-based technology, Humsafar has been able to streamline operations and ensure timely delivery of fuel.

Humsafar’s commitment to farmers during last year’s pandemic and even during the current lockdown has been rock steady. The trained crew at Humsafar has followed all safety protocols, wearing protective gears, and ensuring contactless delivery.

Doorstep diesel delivery is the future, and no one can wish it away. With regulatory barriers slowly lifting and the government focusing more and more on customers for delivery of fuel to their locations, the winner will be those who have the customers best interests in their mind.

Our farmers have been true gifts to this country, and we aim to cater to them anytime and anywhere. And this begins by building up customer loyalty through safety and integrity.