How Diesel has upgraded during/after the Lockdown?

How Diesel has upgraded during/after the Lockdown?

In the past, people had to come to the nearest fuel station to refuel, irrespective of the situation. However, with the onset of 2020, came a pandemic resulting in lockdown of nations and in bringing the economy to a standstill. Earlier, this would have resulted in the entire country coming to a grinding halt as essential supply to vital industries would have been cut off. Because diesel fuel is such an important resource on which sectors of the economy run on, it is vital that the system comes up with new ways to ignite the economy.

Thankfully, new ideas have evolved to keep the engines of the economy churning, one of them being Doorstep Diesel Delivery (DDD). Many Startups like us have risen to the occasion to supply essential fuel to industries and organizations like hospitals, police, and other vital industries which are essential to the nation.

Evolution of Diesel through Humsafar -

Humsafar became one of the first companies to fabricate bowsers to be mounted on trucks for supply of diesel to their valued customers. This step helped them build a steady stream of customers by supplying them the required quantity of fuel in far flung areas through their mobile bowsers which are accurate, pilferage proof and pure, thus adding to customer loyalty.

With customers increasingly opting for doorstep diesel delivery for its convenience and safety, Humsafar’s bowser meets all fuel safety standards set by PESO.

Humsafar’s Mobile App - FUEL HUMSAFAR proved to be a boom during the lockdown as it helped customers to get in touch effortlessly and without physical contact. The App is customer friendly, and is simple and easy to use, making it convenient to order fuel as and when they require.

Humsafar is constantly evolving to next generation business models to ensure faster and cheaper ways to deliver. The organization continues to strive to make its online delivery model similar to that of online shopping, the concept being no contact and save delivery during this pandemic.

We understand that online fuel delivery is seen as a commodity for consumers. Thus, by disrupting the existing service model through a convenient anytime, anywhere service, Humsafar will help retailers in building brand loyalty.

Keeping in view the uncertainty of the pandemic being lifted anytime soon, mobile fuel bowsers allow for an efficient way of refuelling for fixed plant machinery as well as for equipment that are located in remote areas. Most mobile fuel retailers need complete control of mobile dispensing pumps to ensure -

  • Complete accuracy with minimum interventions by humans.
  • To maintain a safe and secure fuel dispensation environment.
  • To reduce fuel loss through wastage and theft.

Humsafar mobile bowsers are specifically crafted for use in mobile fuel carriers, with built-in automation to control the dispensation of fuel from mobile carriers.

Benefits of Technology during Lockdown - Mobile Fuel Bowsers

Powered by Advanced Technology & Analytics

  • All data is remotely captured online and available on request.
  • Being fully automated, thus reducing human error.

Highly Accurate

  • Diesel is delivered as and when you require it.
  • The correct amount of fuel is delivered without any wastage or pilferage.
  • System is integrated with management software.

Safety & Security

  • Prevents dangerous and costly overfilling.
  • All systems adhere to PESO standards.
  • Tight controls of the system at the backend, and online reporting prevent fraudulent activity and fuel theft.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, essential industries are still booming, thanks to the supply of diesel to these industries. This, from all the facts gathered so far, we can safely assume that the online fuel delivery model is here to stay.