How Humsafar went from a Tech startup to India’s first Fuel startup

Humsafar’s humble journey started in the year 2016, with loyalty programmes for customers visiting retail outlets for fuel. With the amendment of the Petroleum regulation Act in 2019, we forayed into the space of Diesel Door Delivery.

However, while home delivery of diesel was the easy part, there were other needs that had to be catered; safe bowsers to be built and mounted on trucks, stopping pilferage of fuel, ensuring diesel was being delivered safely to the consumer. To ensure that these needs were met, the founders realized early on that technology would play a key role and began to take steps necessary for the success of the venture.

With infrastructure in place, and maintaining strict standards of quality, the operations became a huge success with the consumer. From there on, in line with our commitment to safety, we launched Bowser Fabrication services to help create a safe environment for transportation of fuel with PESO certified bowsers.

While we were successfully fabricating bowsers, the announcement of the FuelEnt programme by the Government of India, gave us a leeway to help many other startups to also enter the Diesel Door delivery ecosystem. This initiative has encouraged us to build a culture of entrepreneurship, generate employment, and use technology to innovate in the fuel industry.

Because of our initiatives and excellence in service, we were awarded the ‘Best Energy Start-up in India' by Entrepreneur India.

Today, we are proud to say that our partnership services help startups to successfully venture into the field of fuel retailing and become independent fuel entrepreneurs.