Impact of High Diesel Prices

Low diesel prices in India are a thing of the past. Over the last few months, diesel prices have fluctuated between 89 to 98 rupees per litre, at an all-time high. While it is still cheaper than petrol, a rise in prices of diesel results in a cyclical effect on the economy and has a big impact on the automobile sector, employment opportunities and even affects the lives of the common people.

The rise in diesel prices has a tendency to drive up inflationary trends, raise the cost of living, consumers finally looking at ways to reduce non-essential consumption. Over time growth in the consumption of transportation fuels also slows down.

Spiralling diesel prices also impact the automobile industry by way of reduced automobile sales as fewer customers are willing to invest in new purchases, be it cars or SUVs. Since the automobile industry employs millions of people, a hike in diesel prices could have a butterfly effect on jobs and employment in this sector.

Following climate change concerns, the world at large is looking to find alternatives for petroleum transport fuels. However, the transition is going to be long drawn and may only create a mix of fuel being used in the next few decades.

However, the inflationary trends also lead economies to explore more efficient methods in life. Like, savings in Petroleum Products consumption, prevent wasteful practices.

Both the trends egged by ever-increasing Diesel prices make an excellent case for Diesel Door Delivery kind of initiatives. It is transformative and disruptive and saves enormously besides being convenient. It is now bound to happen. Govt of India can intervene and further accelerate the process by easing up further.

However, Industry can also chip in. One way to combat the effect of high diesel prices is to discover and curate out of the box solutions that change the scope of the fuel industry itself. It’s important to move with the times, bringing technology to the Diesel door delivery business to secure and provide value to the customers in terms of Inventory management, Quality & Quantity aspects.

During the time of spiralling diesel prices, diesel delivered at the doorstep is a welcome initiative for the consumers as it can offset 5-10% costs incurred in intermediary handling, pilferage, leakage etc. The unnecessary hassle and the unsafe handling practices are eliminated thereby bringing convenience and providing a completely safe solution. The DDD solution has been found to be absolutely convenient during the pandemic situation where customers can place their requirements on the Humsafar app which is operative 24x7.

It is with this in mind, Humsafar has come up with the innovative Safar20, a 20 litre can solution for small quantity demands. Safar20 comes with a metallic tamper-proof sealing arrangement that promises complete Quality & Quantity. Safar20 is technology-driven with each can having a unique no which helps in tracking the cans. Indents for Safar20 supplies can be requested on the Humsafar app and can be tracked for rendering better Customer Service. This is apart from the Humsafar mobile Dispenser facility available for Diesel Door Delivery.

Diesel Door Delivery is a revolution in the fuel industry with technological breakthroughs and opportunities that benefit both the consumers and the entrepreneurs.