With more than fifty thousand start-ups in the country, India has the third-largest ecosystem of start-ups in the world. These budding businesses account for 37.4% of the country's GDP and provide nearly 460 million employment opportunities to Indians. In 2021 alone, these businesses created 1.7 lakh jobs in the country. 

These statistics amply highlight the need for India to create an economic ecosystem that nurtures start-ups to grow sustainably and succeed in their respective avenues, thus enhancing their business's output and increasing the influx of capital into the Indian economy. 

The Government of India reckons the above-stated fact and has thus initiated numerous policies to aid the nascent businesses by way of finances, infrastructure and enhanced technological adaptation and support. 


Indian transportation Fuel Industry is dominated by Retail outlets to cater to the Fuel demand. “FuelEnts" is a flagship initiative by the Indian Government that seeks to encourage enterprising entrepreneurs to build a business in the country's HSD fuel Sector. 

With the steep rise in demand for high-speed diesel in the country (estimated to increase from 1000 crore-litres in 2019-20 to 14000 crore-litres by 2029-30); Diesel Door Delivery was identified as an opportunistic potential sector that these FuelEnts could capitalize upon. And accordingly, the amendment to the Petroleum Regulations in 2019 was passed, legalizing the convenient service of fuel delivery and enabling hundreds of entrepreneurs to set up their businesses. 

However, there are two critical limitations that aspiring FuelEnts tend to face: 1. The lack of Industry knowledge and laws that regulate the energy sector 2. The slow adaptation of technology that adds to consumer inconvenience and adversely impacts sales as well 


Humsafar, a Delhi based start-up, aims at bridging the gap between aspiring FuelEnts and their target market by presenting innovative solutions to prevalent problems in the industry. 

Humsafar comes backed by 75 years of experience in India's Petroleum sector, which it leverages to help aspiring FuelEnts set up their businesses. Humsafar offers an array of services for its audience to avail: 

  1. Bowser Fabrication 

Humsafar crafts state of the art PESO approved bowsers that come enabled with geofencing technology whereby diesel is only dispensed at the end location, which is a requirement as per PESO norms in Diesel Door delivery. The Promise of Bowser+, from Humsafar offers various other differentiated services which no other Company provides.

  1. Doorstep delivery of diesel 

The delivery of diesel for heavy/ immovable machinery and equipment takes place via Humsafar’s trusted bowsers, whilst abiding strictly by the protocols set by PESO to maintain the highest standards of safety for all involved. 

  1. Safar20 

The newest addition to Humsafar’s services, caters to all compact diesel requirements by delivering diesel in PESO approved, pilferage free 20 litre Jerry Cans. Now customers can order diesel to their doorsteps in quantities as little as 20 litres. The initiative is an innovative solution to the problems faced by customers wanting smaller quantities of diesel. These problems include challenges like having to purchase more diesel than required and then looking for safe storage for this additional diesel. This has come as a big relief for the cash-crunch customers during the Pandemic. 

  1. Partnership 

Humsafar offers value-added services to its partners and fellow FuelEnts, with he marketing assistance, customer acquisition and much more. 

All their services can be availed easily through Humsafar’s user-friendly app- Fuel Humsafar. The features include complete order tracking - from placement to delivery, auto-billing and delivery schedule. Highlighting Humsafar’s commitment to their partners' growth and success, all their partners have access to their app and can take orders via the app. 

Humsafar aims at becoming the leading player in the ‘last-mile delivery of fuel’ space; but also envisions achieving its goals whilst helping other start-ups like itself, achieve theirs. 

For more information on Humsafar’s innovative partnership program call +9176450-76450