Meet Sanjit Kumar Singh

Sanjit Kumar Singh, of the Humsafar family, joined the fabrication team few months ago. In this piece, Sanjit shares some valuable advice for his colleagues and team members, his professional plans at Humsafar and more. Read on.

Q1. Sanjit, please tell us something about yourself, where are you from and what is your current profession/role at Humsafar?

I was born and bought up in Allahabad, UP. I have completed my education from Allahabad University and have been fortunate to get a job at Humsafar. I work on Production Planning and Resource Mobilization, bridging the gap between the Plant and Sales team.

Q2. How long have you been working at Humsafar?

I have been working for the last six months at Humsafar. It has truly been a rewarding experience, learning new skills in the fabrication unit, besides, I get an opportunity to impart my knowledge to others.

Q3. What made you choose Humsafar?

 Humsafar has taught me to be patient. Being a startup, it has a limited number of people, so everybody’s role is important. Humsafar empowers its people to take decisions independently and this enables employees to work more efficiently.

Q4. Who has been your great source of inspiration at Humsafar? Any mentor that has motivated and driven you to play your current role successfully? Please specify.

Both, Mr Dilpreet sir and Mr Nishit sir have been a great source of help to me, right from the start.  

Motivating me in meeting deadlines and targets, helping me mentor and coach others and learn new things, they have been a great pillar of support, always ready to guide me.

Q5. What are your professional plans at Humsafar this year? 

My professional plans at Humsafar are to gather as many skills the company has to offer. Using these skills, I would like to motivate other employees  to work as a team and take the organization to greater heights. I would also like to be an expert in my field.

Q6. Any advice/motivational tip you would like to share with your colleagues?

My advice is that you should be motivated and patient. There will always be challenges in any situation, but through patience and hard work all challenges can be met.

By being motivated and patient you can always look back and proudly declare, “I met all the challenges thrown my way and emerged victorious.”