The customer truly is King, whose feedback is of utmost importance for the sustained growth of every business.

Most businesses have tried to imbibe this as a principle in their working mechanism, and many have succeeded in it.


But let’s get into the semantics for a moment. 


How does your business receive and act on customer feedback?

Do you wait for customer feedback to come in and then based on whether it’s positive or negative, do you simply adjust your operations in accordance and move on?

If yes, there is a slight problem that needs immediate attention and correction.

Customers providing you with feedback should not be an occasional occurrence or based on whims or chance. It is a well-known fact that usually only extremely irate customers provide feedback. What about the rest?  You need to work persistently to understand what your customers’ needs and suggestions are.

What you need is a system of constant consumer engagement that decodes customer sentiment, understands their behavior and gives you invaluable insights on how to develop your business. Implement this successfully, and you are guaranteed to earn the lifetime loyalty of your customer.

So what is this customer engagement we are talking about?

Customer engagement broadly refers to a company’s efforts to build a relationship with its end consumers. A successfully established engagement enables the customer to develop an emotional connect with the brand, thereby distinguishing it from its competitors.

It’s important to work upon constructing this connect for the growth and the subsequent longevity of the brand. In the interest of the community, we present here forth some invaluable insights via the case study of our very own brand: Humsafar.


Customers are an absolute priority for us at Humsafar. From the very beginning of our operations, we have laid acute emphasis on building long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with each and every one of our clients.

As innovators and market disruptors, our customers’ positive feedback was an uplifting validation for us to continue in our mission of providing unimpeachable quality of service and product to the community.

Today, although we have established a considerable foot-hold in the market; we invest considerable and continuous efforts into enhancing our communication with our customers, making their journey and experience with our service and brand, seamless, efficient and satisfying.


Here are some of the steps we have taken to further strengthen our consumer relations whilst amplifying our reach:

User-Friendly App

Back in the day, due to lack of technology and infrastructure, it took days if not weeks to get consumer feedback and address their needs. But with the evolution of technology, we at Humsafar have optimized our communication channels in a manner that allows our customers to have information of their product’s delivery in real time through an easy mobile friendly app.

The Seal of Safety 

Apart from the ability to track their orders, customers can be rest assured about the quality of the product being delivered to them. Given the safety hazards associated with the contamination or improper delivery of diesel; we go above and beyond to ensure that we deliver upon the highest standards of quality and safety.

The Human Touch

Over the years, we have realized, that in order to develop healthy and positive customer relationships, we had to have multiple channels of communication open. To facilitate this, we aggregated our efforts towards creating a large offline presence as well. We instated territory managers in different geographic regions of the country. Now, our customers do not have to rely on auto-generated mechanical responses for their queries, and in fact have an accountable person (near them) looking into the details of their association with Humsafar.

We are pleased to see how our ingenious Cooperative Market Function - the first of its kind in the Indian market, has inspired our peers and market leaders to emulate the concept as well.  Taking the industry standards of service excellence up a notch.

At Humsafar, we take it as a personal goal and responsibility to live up to our name.
We are, therefore, with our customers each step of the way… like a true friend!