Safety First- the Humsafar Way

A look back into time before 2019

If you needed diesel in small quantities, your only options were: 

  1. Go to the petrol pump and physically fill the can with the desired quantity of diesel.
  2. Order a larger quantity, whose delivery would take place via bowers.

Both the above situations give rise to considerable safety concerns for the buyer!

  • In the first instance, you risk the chances of contamination and spillage due to human intervention. If spillage is not given attention to, it could lead to a fire. 
  • In the second scenario, you have to find optimum ways to store and, after that, use the diesel. Remember that diesel being highly flammable, cannot simply be stored away; its handling needs proper care and precautions. Furthermore, these safety precautions need to be kept in mind whilst dispensing the fuel as well, to avoid a fire causing a spill.

Speaking of hazards, these are merely the hazards involved in transporting and handling smaller quantities of diesel. For the larger quantities of diesel, you can use tankers and bowsers for hassle-free transportation, but you need to order from a trusted retailer who guarantees pure quality, zero pilferage and safety-driven - fuel handling.


The Revolution in the Industry

The amendment to the petroleum regulations in 2019 opened up multiple opportunistic avenues for aspiring Fuel-Ents (fuel entrepreneurs) to set up and expand their business in the industry by starting doorstep delivery of diesel. 

However, the amendment came with strict regulations and systems of processes that needed implementation and strict adherence to by us Fuel-Ents to ensure the safety of all whilst maintaining the integrity of the product. 


Taking it a Step Ahead

At Humsafar, we don’t just follow the protocols. We leverage cutting edge technology to ensure utmost safety and add value to our customer’s experience. 

Our Bowsers:

  • Our PESO approved bowsers come enabled with an impressive geofencing technology that only allows the bowser to dispense fuel at the preset location, which means assured quality and zero chance of pilferage. 
  • The bowsers also come equipped with fire extinguishers and safety cones, among other equipment required to cordon-off the delivery area. 

Our App:

  • Fuel Humsafar is a highly user-friendly app that allows you to order quality and quantity assured diesel in your required quantity to your desired location in three easy steps.
  • The app comes with features like automated billing and order tracking to enhance customer convenience further. 

Our Personnel:

  • Each of our personnel receives abundant training in safety measures related to the delivery of fuel. They are highly dedicated to the service and take their responsibility seriously. 

Our Safar20:

  • Our programs initiate diesel delivery in quantities as little as 20litres to customers in PESO approved Jerry Cans. 
  • These come with a seven-wire seal with a unique number to ensure correct quantity and no contamination.

Our initiative tackles all the problems SME's and other customer's who required diesel in smaller quantities faced earlier. With safe dispensing, effortless delivery, and no requirement for excess-storing, Safar20 aims to be the revolutionary change the petroleum industry has required for the past few years.

Seeing the unique circumstances we live in, each one of our bowsers and Jerry Cans are thoroughly sanitized before and after every use. 

To know more about Humsafar’s services, contact +91 76450-76450