'The more you make…, the more you sell…, the more you earn.'

The gist of this statement is that the growth of any business depends on its output capacity. A higher output or productivity scale ensures that a given business has more goods and services to sell. And higher sales lead to higher profit margins and consequent growth for businesses. 

Many, if not most industries, utilize heavy duty-earth moving machinery and equipment as integral parts in their working mechanisms. These machines require an optimal and uninterrupted source of energy to function properly. This "power" comes from fuels like diesel. 

Diesel, an accessible and affordable fuel, is used by a majority of machines as a power source. 

Before the Government of India amended the petroleum regulations in 2019 and thereby legalized doorstep delivery of diesel, industries had no other option but to send tanks to stationed petrol pumps to get diesel for refuelling purposes. 

The old process was inefficient and unorganized. It led to pilferage of the fuel and posed a great threat to everyone involved in the delivery process on account of diesel being highly flammable. And to top, it all of it was time-consuming, which led to inevitable delays in the machines getting refuelled, resulting in a long 'down time' with zero productivity. 

With the advent of the Diesel Door Delivery (DDD) Service, the entire process of getting machines refuelled has become streamlined and efficient. Not only does this service help businesses pre-plan their production and organize the delivery schedules, but it also opens up a huge arena of opportunities for enterprising individuals.

In accordance with the processes set in place by the Government of India, start-ups can register as "DDD Resellers" with tie-ups with Oil Marketing Companies (OMC's) and become a part of the booming Energy Sector of the country. It is estimated that about 20,000 individual start-ups will encash upon this lucrative opportunity which is pegged to see an influx of a few thousand crores in investment.

However, the entire DDD service is regulated by stringent norms set forth by PESO. FuelEnts need several approvals and licenses in order to execute this service legally. This compliance is an industry-specific virtue for which the FuelEnts need guidance. 

Though a FuelEnt itself, Humsafar comes from the house of Samridhi Highway Solutions Pvt Ltd., which has over 75 years of Industry experience. Humsafar thus leads with expert industry knowledge and provides an array of services in the Fuel Sector of India. These include:

1) Fabrication of state of the art, technology optimized, and PESO approved bowsers that serve as mobile petrol pumps to deliver large quantities of fuel. 

2) Catering to compact fuel requirements in PESO approved Jerry Cans through the Safar20 program.

3) Fabrication of corrosion-free tanks for contamination and spillage proof storage of diesel. 

4) Partnerships with FuelEnts, whereby Humsafar delivers upon the promise of bowser+ that helps FuelEnts establish themselves in the industry. 

Humsafar offers its audience the ease of ordering fuel online through their user-friendly mobile app - Fuel Humsafar. The app also comes with value-added features like automated billing and order tracking.

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