The Recognition of Doorstep Diesel Delivery by Government of India

At present, diesel is the primary source of energy for most industries and economies in the world. India is no different. However, what most people don’t realise is that only a small percentage of the country’s diesel is consumed by automobiles and cars. Owners of these vehicles can easily refuel their cars at retail outlets and petrol pumps. A large percentage of consumption of diesel in the economy arises from the need for heavy machinery, immovable equipment, buses and other resources used in infrastructure and construction. Prior to 2019, there was a huge gap in the economy as there was a demand for diesel in these sectors and for this equipment, but there were many issues and problems related to the supply of diesel. 

Prior to the recognition of the Doorstep Diesel Delivery Sector by the Government of India, diesel was supplied very haphazardly. Customers would collect diesel in plastic containers or other unsafe material. As diesel is extremely flammable, this was unsafe and unreliable. Another issue was the measurement of quantity and assurance of quality and safe transport. These led to gaps in delivery and efficiency. There were also many instances of people stealing diesel during these unreliable methods of buying and delivering diesel. This would also lead to extreme wastage of diesel and deadweight mileage in the fuel industry. 

The Government of India decided to take some concrete steps to fix these issues and bridge the gap between the demand for diesel and the supply of diesel in the fuel industry. They introduced regulations that legalised the doorstep delivery of diesel in the country. While originally this only pertained to retail outlets, it then also became applicable to start ups and is now even open to private individuals provided they are PESO (Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organisation) compliant. However, there are still many safety guidelines in place that streamline the process, as diesel is not a free to trade resource. 

Humsafar’s primary focus is to cater to the gaps in the industry and make sure that the supply for diesel matches the demand. Humsafar supplies diesel to construction sites, and handles infrastructural requirements that deal with heavy machinery through bowsers, which is an extremely safe and secure method of diesel delivery. However, the company has also expanded to cater to small and medium enterprises through the “Safar 20” initiative, for orders of 20 litres or more via PESO compliant jerry cans. Humsafar’s network of retail outlets pan India helps provide diesel to customers across varying locations and this has all been made possible thanks to the Government amendment in 2019. Humsafar strives to bridge the gap between energy consumers and providers, not just in diesel but all forms of energy and also encourages entrepreneurship by partnering with retail outlets. The company has played a crucial role in the safe and secure delivery of diesel, saving on man power, dead mileage and safety for the consumer. Humsafar has also utilised technology by creating the “Fuel Humsafar” App, which also ensures the safety of the consumers and helps prevent people stealing diesel as there is no adulteration possible with the bowser. Humsafar’s motto “Har Kadam Humsafar” ensures they are with their consumers every step of the way!