Scope of the Fuel Sector of India

India is a fairly young country, both in years since the parliament came into existence and in terms of our demographic being one of the youngest in the world. As India picks up momentum on development, here are the two inevitable requirements that arise to stabilize the economy:

  1. A need for Infrastructural development
  2. Employment for the ambitious youth of the nation


In 2019, when an amendment was made to the petroleum regulations of India, an interesting scenario arose. For enterprising individuals on the lookout for opportunities to capitalize upon and create a sustainable business, the doorstep delivery of diesel becoming legalized presented a golden opportunity for them to become a part of the nation's thriving fuel sector. They could then build a business for themselves and employ hundreds whilst delivering the all-important element for industrial development- fuel.


The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the regular supply-demand chains of all industries, and fuel was no exception. However, that being said, fuel consumption in India is already back to its pre-pandemic growth rate. For example, the country's fuel consumption was 11% up this August compared to the same time last year. 


The statistics give ample support to the fact that India's fuel industry is indeed a booming one, despite alternatives like hydropower and solar power being available in the market. Fuel continues to form the backbone of the country's development plans. Thus, making the Energy sector one of the most opportunistic industries for entrepreneurs to enter and excel in.


The Surging Demand for Diesel

Now coming to the question everyone's been grappling with for ages; petrol v/s diesel. Which is more lucrative for consumption and for supplying?


Both fuels are integral for development. But as of now, the government has only passed the mandate allowing the delivery of diesel as a service. Petrol on account of high combustibility has not been authorized the same mandate. 


In terms of individual consumption, diesel cars give more mileage than petrol cars and score better prices in the resale market. 


Industrially as well, diesel is more in demand for running heavy-duty machinery and equipment. The use of diesel in the Agricultural sector has shown a massive upswing in the recent past, hinting towards the rise in demand for the fuel. 


Where We Factor In

Entering any new industry is not easy. And especially an ever-evolving and dynamic one like the Energy Sector of our country. Though the government has taken out multiple incentives to encourage "FuelEnts” (Fuel Entrepreneurs) to set up their businesses as DDD (Diesel Door

Delivery) service providers, the new entrants’ adaption to the field has not been quite so easy.


Humsafar, a Delhi based start-up, comes backed with 75years of Industry experience. Being a FuelEnt itself, Humsafar is best suited to help fellow FuelEnts flourish in this industry by preempting pitfalls and providing innovative solutions to them.


Apart from bowser fabrication services, Humsafar offers Partnership services along with the Promise of Bowser+. Along with state of the art, technologically optimized bowser, the FuelEnt receives stellar after-sales services to help them better understand the bowser operations. They also receive marketing support to spread awareness about their services. And as an added bonus, they are also given access to Humsafar’s user-friendly app Fuel Humsafar to start getting their orders and solidify their client base.  


Humsafar is committed to seeing its partners excel.

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