Transformation of Trading mindset to being a Startup Mentor

What are Trading skill sets?


Trading is an asset-light business. Though it does require a special skill set, it does minimize risk and risk-taking ability at every stage. Later becomes a corollary while Trading. Demeaning, embedded into the DNA.


The unique skill sets required to trade are :


  1. Patience 

Trading requires sitting still quite often and not taking the trade. That's the unique call. 


  1. The ability to spot the Opportunity 

Trading experience brings insight to spot a unique opportunity when others see a problem. Traders understand contra call well


  1. Understand the Market, customers

To be able to take a call, deep knowledge of the Market customers is an absolute necessity. Also requisite is the ability to be blunt, less diplomatic and be time-efficient to conserve energy.


  1. Know pitfalls well
    To sustain as a Trader, in fact, to become one, experience and hence sustenance is paramount. Therefore, one can avoid pitfalls and not dink into a deep pit.


How does it inhibit being a Startup? 


One, of course, is experience and, therefore, discomfort with technology. 

Startups more often than not require longer lead time, deep pockets and hence funding quite often, starting with Seed funding. 


This does not gel with the mindset of a Trader. 


How does Transformation happen?


It has to start with 

  1. Being very sensitive to the current issues 
  2. Impatience with inefficiencies of the systems in vogue and also "dormant unexpressed needs" of the Market. 
  3. Willingness to invest in processes, Tech without seeing the end of the Tunnel. 


These qualities are not easy for a Trader. 


Humsafar’s story


Humsafar, one of the Diesel Door delivery Startup Brand, has sustained itself with aplomb with promoters investment for three years, growing from 3 to 90+ people, creating a very large set of partners across the States. It could marry a Trader instinct for survival and sustenance with a Startup new age eagerness to use Tech IoT to solve current times and current generation concerns. It is able to take the Journey forward and prepare the ground for exponential growth for serving the society and country at large with its novel idea of 'Petrol pump on wheels".


It can happen with Seasoned Traders, Marketers partner and mentor young professionals with Tech knowledge, collaborate to create and innovate.


That's one dimension of the Humsafar story!