Why Diesel Delivery is being more prominent in Tier2 and Tier3 Cities

Let us give you a quick overview of what are tier2 and tier3 cities before we head to understand the relevance of diesel doorstep delivery in these cities.

Tier2 & Tier3 cities – What are these cities?

According to the Government, cities with a population centres between 50,000 - 1,00,000  are classified as tier2 cities and cities with a population density between 20,000-50,000 are classified as tier3. Industrial growth, employment opportunities have seen major growth in these cities as investment opportunities in tier 1 are quickly drying up due to rising costs. Tier2 & Tier3 cities pose major cost advantages due to lesser salary expectations and due to fewer fluctuations, industries are making a beeline to these cities. For industries, return on investment is higher and more stable than in metros.

Diesel Door Delivery in Tier2 & Tier3 cities

It is but natural that diesel door delivery companies will follow where industries move as they see a considerable demand for generator sets, construction equipment, mobile towers and other stationary equipment.

The potential expansion is huge in Tier2 & Tier3 cities, especially in areas like real estate, corporate parks, schools, institutions, banks, warehouses, shopping malls, hospitals, etc with the possibilities being endless. According to OMC’S own projections, the market could be as big as 1500-2000 crores. 

Many startups that are already part of the diesel door delivery ecosystem, catering in tier 1 cities, are now slowly migrating to Tier 2 cities, which is an economically sensible move. Setting up operations, scaling up on-demand fuel can be a huge challenge in these cities. But what better way to do it is to depend on app-based technology that can deliver fuel anytime and anywhere.


These app-based technology services can help in the smooth functionality and ensure a rich experience with customers, aligning with every customer's needs.

With Humsafar’s easy-to-use app namely ‘Fuel Humsafar’, place your orders and have your diesel requirements met. This app allows users to place orders to their set location, saves them the hassle of transporting large amounts of diesel from the petrol stations which in turn help alleviate spillage, pilferage, and wastage of fuel.

Humsafar ensures that this technology makes diesel door delivery as hassle-free as possible. With features like live tracking, automated billing and assured quantity and quality, the mobile fuel dispenser remains locked till it reaches the destination.

With startups entering tier2 and tier3 cities, offering advanced features through app-based technology, and conveniences, diesel door delivery services are becoming prominent, with user demand increasing daily.