After you sign into the FUEL HUMSAFAR app, head to the section ‘current orders’ where you will be able to view all your orders and their current delivery status.

Through the FUEL HUMSAFAR app, head to the menu bar where you will find options like - Refund to claim, View and Manage your Refund.

After you sign into the FUEL HUMSAFAR app, head to the section ‘current orders’, where you can choose a specific order and then select the option of cancelling your order.

Yes, at the time of delivery you can pay via cash, cheque, and any other online mode of payment.

As per the current government policy, Petrol cannot be marketed under the DDD scheme.

As per PESO guidelines supply of Diesel Door Delivery can only be made between sunrise to sunset

Currently, as per the PESO guidelines, filling up of High-Speed Diesel (HSD) in barrels or fuel tanks of buses/trucks is not permitted.

After you sign into the Humsafar Vendor app or Website portal, you can head to the section under ‘manage driver’ from the menu bar, where you will find an option to add the drivers name, contact number, and vehicle/ bowser details etc.

According to government policy , Selling diesel to commercial vehicles is not allowed

Humsafars aims to offer safe delivery of diesel

No owning a petrol pump is not necessary

Depending on the Bowser capacity 3,4 or 6 KL can be delivered

We offer after sales services like online marketing (social media ,Google etc) and offline marketing like newspaper articles , hoardings etc

No,According to the government we can not deliver cross border

Depending on your civil score but generally around 70% of the project can be financed

Available OMCS are IOCL , BPCL  and HPCL